Established in 1982 by:
Robert Bruce Macpherson and
Paul Jonathan Kirchmann

Invincible Valves



33 Shaft Road
South Africa

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About Us:

We are a supplier of valves (Fluid Control Valves) to industry in South Africa, Southern Africa and Africa and are involved in many of the new mining projects in region.

  • We service and repair valves.

  • We rubber line valves, fittings and pipes.

  • We fit pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical actuators to valves.

  • We fit chain wheels to valves.

  • We fit proximity and limit switches to valves.

  • We are specialists in Diaphragm Valves which are used in the metallurgical plants on mines.

  • We have heavy transport to move equipment to any location in Southern Africa.

  • We are located in centrally located premises (6,500 square metres).

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Products and Spec Sheets:


BDK diaphragm valves:

BDK hygienic valves:

BDK PFA Lined Valves:

BDK Teflon Sleeved Plug Valves

Babbit Chainwheel

Ball Valves:


Bronze valves

Butterfly valves:

Control valves

Check valves (Non Return Valves)

Diaphragm valves

Flange drilling

Float valves

Knife Gate valves

Wedge Gate

Resilient seal gate valve

Gate Valves

Globe valves

Plug Valves

Pinch valves

Rubber lining

  • Valves

  • Pipes

  • Vessels

  • Fittings

Valve repairs & reconditioning

  • All types of valves

Valve specials

  • Extended spindles

  • Locking devices

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